Cool Creations in 35 Pieces : Premier LEGO® Brick Building Artist Sean Kenney


Keep your eyes peeled for this new book ! The boys ripped it out of my hand still partially in the shipping envelope. They both flipped through it frantically. The 8 yr old managed to find a way to bring it to his own room and immediately started building. He is very proud of his […]

Build an Amazing Playroom on a Budget


You need a playroom in your home. It gives your kids a safe space where they can play, and it keeps their toys and other activities from overtaking your home. You don’t have a huge budget, though, so here are tips that help you build an amazing playroom without breaking the bank. Plan the Playroom […]

GlobalGiving “Pay It Forward Challenge” Looking to purchase holiday gift cards? Start Here.

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What is the Pay It Forward Challenge? There are thousands of projects to choose from on We’re asking you to pay it forward and share your experience with your readers and invite them to consider giving GlobalGiving gift cards this holiday season as the special gift that gives back. Finally, because we know how good it […]

“Pay It Forward Challenge” @GlobalGiving – #GivingTuesday Kick off the giving season this year on Tues, Nov 27.

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How was your Black Friday?  How about Cyber Monday?   Did you keep in mind those that can not even think about going shopping for fun?  Welcome #GivingTuesday.  Let’s rethink your spending this giving season. I was given a $25 GlobalGiving gift card to ‘Pay it Forward’ toward the project of my choice. My first thought […]

Attending our first Party! Fisher Price Theme @housepartyfun

Our Swag Bag !

Our first was so much fun for the kids and the moms !!

Toys You Can Trust


When that birthday invitation arrives in your mailbox, how can you be sure the gift you purchase is something the child (and his mom) will truly love? Some children’s toy companies have proven time and time again that they stand the test of time, providing reliable and educational play and getting the mom seal of approval. […]

Finding the Season’s Hottest Gifts at Great Prices

Finding the Season’s Hottest Gifts at Great Prices

Every year around Christmas time, you start to see media broadcasts (namely morning shows) touting the hottest gifts of the season in the arena of toys. You no doubt remember holidays past when you had to fight other moms in the aisles of your local toy store to secure the latest overpriced fuzzball that sings […]