Jello Shots – So many colorful layers of Jello!


I had lots of fun this month making Jello Shots …and eating them too !   I usually buy something at the grocery store on the way to a cookout or party. This month I had a chance, not once, but twice to make goodies. About 173 yummy Jello Shots. They were surprisingly “quick” and […]

Weekly Photo Challenge #mapicaday


Sometimes I can’t stop my brain…. It is something I have been thinking about for a year or two.  In moments of procrastination, I create. I designed a photo challenge for myself. Weekly. I have 8-9 weeks ready to go, through the new year…. I already have some great ideas for 2015! How it works? […]

Pinterest Recipe Inspiration: Straight up BLT, in an avocado bowl.

Straight up BLT. 2nd attempt, with no bread.

How many of your stories begin with… so I saw this recipe on Pinterest! Well, I did.  I saw this recipe on Pinterest and said, I have to make that. The inspiration recipe was by Farmgirl Gourmet, BLT Stuffed Avocado. I gathered up my ingredients and gave it a whirl.  You may already know, I am […]

Happy New Year! Best of… Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013


Thank you all to all my contributors, clients, followers, friends and family for an another amazing year of blogging!  Can’t forget to mention all you Pinterest addicts!! Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013: Christmas DIY Craft 2012 ! Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels in Snowman Bags How to Make the Perfect Homemade Cappuccino! How to Recycle Packing […]