Let’s revisit my 2013 Goals. What’s up next in 2014?


January 2012 and January 2013 I declared my goals publicly for the year, right away.  I was running. I ran. I loved it, every pound lost, every 5k, every obstacle course run, every friend made, every lesson learned, every minute of me time, every event. I finished up my 13 in 2013 with my first 10k! As […]

Happy New Year ! Top Blog Posts of 2012


Thank you all to all my contributors, clients, followers, friends and family for an another amazing year of blogging! Here are some links to the most viewed posts of 2012, you can use the search bar for any others that catch your interest: 5 Wacky Hairstyles for Prom *Who Knew?! Teaching Your Kids How To […]