Hello Mr. Scale?! Just checking in, I crossed my 40th finish line today!


…that’s what I thought – You’re a douchebag and I hate you. You haven’t changed. Once upon a time, I liked you. At the end of 2010 I started walking on the basement treadmill and drinking shakeology. (that treadmill that was purchased in 2005, mid-pregnancy of my first son – it collected dust until my second […]

Want to be an Entrepreneur? Achieve Your Business Goals Like a Runner

Silhouette woman run under blue sky

The moment you experience your first runner’s high, you’re hungry for more you finish your first mile, and next you want to complete two. Finish that 10K like a pro? Where’s the half-marathon sign-up sheet? Scratch that. It’s time to start training for a full. Entrepreneurs share the same blood as runners. They have the […]

2013 Goals in a Graphic.


Here’s wishing you more happiness Than all my words can tell, Not just alone for New Years But for all the year as well.