Four Inventive Ways to Protect Yourself From Property Damage

Four Inventive Ways to Protect Yourself From Property Damage

As a homeowner, you carry homeowner’s insurance to protect yourself financially from losses to your home. While you may have insurance to protect you, the last thing that you want to do is file a claim and watch your home insurance premiums skyrocket for the next several years. There are measures that you can take […]

4 Low-Cost Options For Improving Your Bedroom On A Budget

4 Low-Cost Options for Improving Your Bedroom on a Budget

If you are on a budget, you don’t have to worry- you can improve your bedroom without expensive additions. Here’s how: Clean, clean, clean A clean room is an uninviting room. Free your room of all trash, clutter, dirty laundry, and all the odds and ends that get stashed in the bedroom when company comes. […]

Moving soon? Here’s how to make your life easier:

Moving soon? Here’s how to make your life easier:

Moving season is gearing up and the current rebound in real estate means more people will be moving this year than last. If you’re preparing for a move, the process can feel overwhelming. These tips will help get you started and take some of the stress off your shoulders. Make a list, and check it […]

5 Tips to Help Kids Read More

Image When it comes to reading lots of children see reading as a chore and a bore. However there are many things that parents can do to make reading fun and enjoyable for their children. Here are five ways to get your child interested in reading: Read to them – The first thing you should […]

Spring Cleaning Organizing Tips

Janine Cavanaugh - Professional Organizer

Happy Spring!  The calendar tells us it’s upon us, even though there’s still a bit of snow on the ground.  However, I did spot a robin on my walk the other day.  I get inspired by spring, the bright yellow daffodils and crocus, the chirping peepers, the fuzzy pussy willows, and the return of the […]

How to Repurpose Holiday Decor in Your Home


It’s hard to not love the festive feel of a home decorated for the winter holidays, with all of the brilliant colors and sparkling lights that you associate with happy memories. Putting away the decorations in January can be a bit of a shock, not to mention the fact that now you have boxes of […]

Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Fruit Snacks, Granola Bars, Etc.

2013-01-10 08.16.56

I heart Tupperware, for more than just storing leftovers.  In the “reachable” cupboard, I keep some acceptable snacks within the little man’s reach!  He even asked me the other day to do “this” … moving his hands left and right, motioning how I fill up his fruit snack container.  

Appliances That Make Your Life Easier


Technology has come a long way since the washboard and clothesline. Appliances have always been designed to make tasks you do on a regular basis more convenient, but in recent years, they’ve taken that to a new level. Today’s appliances are smarter and more efficient than ever, with whole sets like LG appliances that have the same […]

One Year Later: DIY Home Organization Wall: Calendar, Dry Erase Board, Mail Holder

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One year later, new calendar, lots of organized chaos !  We get a lot of use out of this wall.  Weekly schedule notes, school days, lunch menu, library card, appointment cards, sports schedules, mail to be filed and/or require attention. “Check the board!  Write it on the board” are a couple common phrases. You can […]

Do you pin? I heart Pinterest.

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  I do frequent Pinterest, when I need a mindless break and or inspiration.  Inspire me on Pinterest !