4 Low-Cost Options For Improving Your Bedroom On A Budget

4 Low-Cost Options for Improving Your Bedroom on a Budget

If you are on a budget, you don’t have to worry- you can improve your bedroom without expensive additions. Here’s how: Clean, clean, clean A clean room is an uninviting room. Free your room of all trash, clutter, dirty laundry, and all the odds and ends that get stashed in the bedroom when company comes. […]

5 Tips to Help Kids Read More


http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Children_g112-Asian_Girls_Reading_Book_p57976.html When it comes to reading lots of children see reading as a chore and a bore. However there are many things that parents can do to make reading fun and enjoyable for their children. Here are five ways to get your child interested in reading: Read to them – The first thing you should […]

Spring Cleaning Organizing Tips

Janine Cavanaugh - Professional Organizer

Happy Spring!  The calendar tells us it’s upon us, even though there’s still a bit of snow on the ground.  However, I did spot a robin on my walk the other day.  I get inspired by spring, the bright yellow daffodils and crocus, the chirping peepers, the fuzzy pussy willows, and the return of the […]