Hello Mr. Scale?! Just checking in, I crossed my 40th finish line today!


…that’s what I thought – You’re a douchebag and I hate you. You haven’t changed. Once upon a time, I liked you. At the end of 2010 I started walking on the basement treadmill and drinking shakeology. (that treadmill that was purchased in 2005, mid-pregnancy of my first son – it collected dust until my second […]

#13 in #13in2013 – Mansfield Race for a Cure 10k *Yes!* My first 10k, Nov 30th


I didn’t expect too much signing up for my first 10k. “I could do it, right? It was just a couple more miles than my last. I did it on the treadmill.  What’s the worst, I’ll walk some.” Well I didn’t. I did it non-stop! Although I didn’t take many pics, it was still ‘the […]

Simple Tips To Help Your Kid To Not Fear Going To The Dentist

Simple Tips To Help Your Kid To Not Fear Going To The Dentist

Regular dentist appointments are important to ensure your child’s teeth are strong and healthy and that he or she doesn’t have oral problems that could impact his or her overall health. But going to the dentist can be frightening for kids. In a strange room with strange sounds, a strange person is poking around the […]

Girls on the Run Rhode Island 5k, Providence, RI #4 of #13in2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.54.22 PM

I should probably blog about my last run before I complete run #5 tomorrow night ! Well, it was “Hot hot hot. Run. Slowed to a crawl. Did it.” That was all I had to say after completing this run. I can’t wait for the chance to get back to Roger Williams Park, it was […]

Fresh Skin Care Tips for Summer

Facial care - Courtesy of Shutterstock

Most of us look forward to summer all year round, the pool parties, the Barbeques, the trips to the beach, but what we don’t look forward to is the toll that the season can take on our skin. It’s hot, it’s humid, we will constantly be jumping in and out of salty oceans and chlorine […]

Tuff Scrambler, Rehoboth MA “The Ultimate 5k Adventure Race” #3 of #13in2013

2013-05-18 11.15.05

I did it. So this was just like the Diva Dash, ummm on STEROIDS! I arrived rather early, alone. It gave me some time to check out my cool stuff and well, look around.    OH Geez.  ”What did I get myself into?”  That was pretty much the biggest thought running around in my brain. Watching […]

St. Pats Providence RI #2 of #13in2013 ….hmm #laterpost

2013-03-09 12.25.10

It looks like I never officially posted about my St. Pat’s 5K run – so here it is. #2 : 3/9/13 – St. Pats Providence, RI 5k (3rd Anniv 5k Run!) – Overall Place 2003/3191 Total 32:58.3 Pace 10:36/M This was my 3rd Anniversary of running 5k’s.  It was a really great morning, no PR or anything […]

The Optimal Diet to Maximize Your Fertility


The decision to become parents is an important one filling the minds of potential parents with hope and excitement for the future and the rest of their lives. It is a big step that should be taken into serious consideration. Once that decision has been made, the couple should do everything in their power to […]