8/24/13 F.I.T. Challenge 5k #7 of #13in2013 – Done! …the morning after.

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“With help from MANY different people the F.I.T. Challenge name was established with the idea that Fortitude, Integrity and Toughness can be challenged in many different…” – Robb McCoy, F.I.T. Challenge Founder. To say I was pumped for this run would be a stretch, I was intrigued {now thankful it was on my run schedule}. […]

Giveaway: Pink Lemonade – an inspirational book for girls

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Pink Lemonade launched and is available at www.smilegrampaper.com. An inspirational book for girls built on the idea that contributing positively to oneself and to others is the recipe for a joyous and successful life. Get one today with an introductory price OR enter here for your chance to win a copy ! Pink Lemonade, a new book […]

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Mood


Some days, it may feel like you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Then there are times when it may seem like you’re living in another world. Due to life’s demands, people’s expectations and unforeseen mishaps and emergencies, it’s understandable why anyone would have moments when they’re not in the best of […]