Giveaway: Launching Voots Veggie-Fruit Tarts for Kids #giveaway #kids


Voots Veggie-Fruit Tarts are a children’s supplement made from 11 real fruits and vegetables, which are dehydrated, crushed, blended with Vitamin C and other ingredients, and made into delicious chewable berry-flavored tarts that kids love. The product even contains the Vitamin C antioxidant power of three full servings of fruits and veggies!* This giveaway prize […]

Mouth Watering Watermelon Tips


Dawn Bryan, founder of The Qualipedia, offers tips on how to pick the right melon and what you can do to spice up how you serve it up  Watermelons are considered to be the quintessential summer food staple. With so many choices out there, finding, storing, preparing, and serving a melon can be daunting.  Here are Dawn’s tips: […]