Killington Resort – Enter to win (1) family 4 pack of (four) one-day lift tickets !


Weather Forecast Calling for More Snow? Head to Killington Resort! Extreme Winter Weather Across the Northeast Means it’s Time to Hit the Slopes! With record snowfall across much of the nation, conditions at Killington Resort have been excellent all winter. Known as “The Beast of the East,” Killington Resort invites winter weather lovers to head up to […]

What happened at the wine expo stays… right here, between you and I – Boston Wine Expo 2014 !

Boston Wine Expo

Here we are, starting another weekend, another impending snow storm…. There is a big difference, I am not heading up to Boston. The Boston Wine Expo is in the past can only look forward to next February. No amount of snow was going to keep me away. It was an unforgettable day from start to […]

Here’s a Quick Way to Start Bowling Like a Pro!

In order to bowl like a pro you have to start somewhere.  First google ‘Bowl Like a Pro’. Just like that, be careful not to misspell ‘bowl’.  After you have educated yourself properly, start from the bottom up, your shoes. Here I stand, one pair of shoes closer to becoming a pro… When offered […]

#9 of #13in2013 Color Me Rad – Providence RI Sept 28th #Rad #ColorMeRad #5k


This was quite the fun run ! I was looking forward to it for most of the year. It was different than any other runs I have done because I got to involve the kids, family and friends. The boys were both excited but nervous when we first arrived. I didn’t think too much about […]

#8 of #13in2013 Foxboro YMCA 5k

2013-09-21 10.26.05

My 4 year old has been on this YMCA 5k with me before, last year – but not like this.  With his own bib and chip !    He was pumped, and ran like he owned it. When I was pushing him in the stroller  he continued to push me (pic below) with his words […]

Moving soon? Here’s how to make your life easier:

Moving soon? Here’s how to make your life easier:

Moving season is gearing up and the current rebound in real estate means more people will be moving this year than last. If you’re preparing for a move, the process can feel overwhelming. These tips will help get you started and take some of the stress off your shoulders. Make a list, and check it […]

5 Tips to Help Kids Read More

Image When it comes to reading lots of children see reading as a chore and a bore. However there are many things that parents can do to make reading fun and enjoyable for their children. Here are five ways to get your child interested in reading: Read to them – The first thing you should […]

Taking down the holidays and gearing up for summer

Taking down the holidays and gearing up for summer

When spring comes, it’s time to throw open your windows, let the fresh air in, and throw off all the dust and clutter that has accumulated from artificial winter heat and holiday house guests. Winter is a busy time for a lot of people, so no one expects you to come through the season with […]

When Daughters Dress Themselves: 4 Tips For Parents of Newly Independent Fashionistas

When Daughters Dress Themselves: 4 Tips For Parents of Newly Independent Fashionistas

So your child is finally getting to the age where she wants to start dressing herself. Your initial response is probably to jump for joy at the thought of not having to wake up early to help your little girl find and put on the perfect outfit, but wait: There are a few important parenting decisions […]

The Optimal Diet to Maximize Your Fertility


The decision to become parents is an important one filling the minds of potential parents with hope and excitement for the future and the rest of their lives. It is a big step that should be taken into serious consideration. Once that decision has been made, the couple should do everything in their power to […]