4 Delicious Homemade Ginger Ale Recipes


Thanks to long walks and hanging out with my pregnant girlfriend I have been having all sorts of cravings! She showed me how she got through the first trimester with homemade ginger ale. One shopping trip I scooped up handfuls of ginger and made some of my own homemade ginger ale, with a kick from […]

Wine Not? 10 Hot Chocolate with Red Wine Recipes!

Hot Chocolate with Red Wine

My first attempt at this recipe was, well, a frugal one:  One open bottle of wine and packets of Nestle hot chocolate… That’s my Hot Chocolate with Red Wine recipe to share. Add enough wine to taste, or what’s left in the bottle. Don’t get me wrong – it was delicious.  I do believe it […]

201 Organic Baby and Toddler Meals – Organic Baby and Toddler Recipes You can Make! Book Review

book cover

The answer is “No”. No, I’m not expecting. Yes, I can read your mind. Now carry on….  This book caught my eye after my girlfriend told me she was expecting.  I knew it would be just perfect for her.  Much to my surprise as I began reading through all the organic baby and toddler recipes I […]

Pinterest Recipe Inspiration: Straight up BLT, in an avocado bowl.

Straight up BLT. 2nd attempt, with no bread.

How many of your stories begin with… so I saw this recipe on Pinterest! Well, I did.  I saw this recipe on Pinterest and said, I have to make that. The inspiration recipe was by Farmgirl Gourmet, BLT Stuffed Avocado. I gathered up my ingredients and gave it a whirl.  You may already know, I am […]

Soup. Pea Soup Recipe.


This is sort of a recipe post… Soup is not something that just happens, well not in my house, when I’m in the kitchen.  I can multitask all day long, yet when it comes to making soup (ok. and an entire meal) I get a bit overwhelmed at the thought.  Thinking “just do it” – […]