Parragon Book Buddy: Christmas 2000 Stickers, Draw your World

ParragonBooks DEC.49

OMG Stickers…. The boys were thrilled with this book, Christmas 2000 Stickers, it was hard for me to get a look at it. Our December Parragon Book Buddy shipment was a great one.  They are still working their was through the activities and sticker pages. “Pull on your hat, coat, and mittens and get ready […]

Parragon Book Buddy: The Bully and The Shrimp, Monster High Book Review


Parragon Books!   This month the boys were excited when the book package was delivered. They could not wait to tear open the cardboard box. The first book to hit their hands was “Monster High”. What? Mom, why did you get a girls book?!  Needless to say, we did not get too far into that […]

Eric Karjaluoto’s, The Design Method – Book Review

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What?!  A book…. Yes, I was asked to review a book and I said yes. I am not “a book reader”. I read a lot of blogs, magazines and websites. I could and do read kid books often too, not so many adult books. Jen from smashLAB sent me an email in January ( yes, of […]

Sports Illustrated for Kids Announces New Football Book!

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This book has been hanging around the TV, which is not a bad thing.  That means they pick it up randomly to flip through.  Mostly to point to Tom Brady or the Patriots player.  The 4 yr old boy loves to count, the 8 yr old likes to pick out some fun facts…  A big […]

Babar Book Giveaway …. and the winner is…


Thank you to those who participated ! Congratulations to Aileen M. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Babar turns 80! Birthday party for a king – A book for you!


I have some very exciting news to share with you about a birthday celebration fit for a king…King Babar, that is! The iconic elephant with his instantly recognizable signature green suit and yellow crown turns 80 in the new year.  The star of the classic literary-based brand that has won over generations of children and […]

Ambition’s Not An Awful Word Zack Zage & Adam Watkins


This was an incredibly delightful book !   The graphics took my breath away, the story was just as amazing. The glossary at the end was surprising but perfect, it was great to read definitions, of even simple words, through the eyes of the author. Ambition’s Not An Awful Word is an award winning children’s […]

GlobalGiving “Pay It Forward Challenge” Looking to purchase holiday gift cards? Start Here.

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What is the Pay It Forward Challenge? There are thousands of projects to choose from on We’re asking you to pay it forward and share your experience with your readers and invite them to consider giving GlobalGiving gift cards this holiday season as the special gift that gives back. Finally, because we know how good it […]

21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids By Kathi Lipp

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21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids By Kathi Lipp San Jose, CA:  Like many parents, Kathi Lipp desired to be close to her children – a parent they could lean on and confide in through their transition in their adulthood years and as a blended family. In her new release, 21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids (Harvest House Publishers, October […]

Tammara Webber’s EASY, the “new adult” book everyone is buzzing about

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Tammara Webber’s New York Times bestselling novel EASY (Berkley Trade Paperback; November 6, 2012; $15).  In the tradition of several recent novels that have captured both the YA and adult audience, such as Twilight and Beautiful Disaster, the themes in  EASY appeal strongly to both older teens and adult readers. EASY follows two characters on the cusp of adulthood and reflects a growing trend in […]