#8 of #13in2013 Foxboro YMCA 5k

2013-09-21 10.26.05

My 4 year old has been on this YMCA 5k with me before, last year – but not like this.  With his own bib and chip !    He was pumped, and ran like he owned it. When I was pushing him in the stroller  he continued to push me (pic below) with his words […]

8/24/13 F.I.T. Challenge 5k #7 of #13in2013 – Done! …the morning after.

2013-08-24 12.37.26

“With help from MANY different people the F.I.T. Challenge name was established with the idea that Fortitude, Integrity and Toughness can be challenged in many different…” – Robb McCoy, F.I.T. Challenge Founder. To say I was pumped for this run would be a stretch, I was intrigued {now thankful it was on my run schedule}. […]

7/21/13 – Wrentham, MA – Hockomock YMCA Triathlon. The one where I became a triathlete. #6 of #13in2013


The triathlon. My first complete sprint triathlon. As i sit here typing I think back to the tri I am happy and proud of myself but admittedly at the same time, empty. I’m not sure how to explain it any other way. I suppose I miss all the fun that came from training, the days […]

7/3/13 – Foxboro, MA – Harvard Pilgram Finish at the 50 (5k) #5 of #13in2013


With some downtime this weekend figured I could catch up on posts. This run was a fun one. I “ran” into some great people and got to run it with an awesome friend. It was a must run for the two of us, as it was our anniversary run. I did not improve on my […]

Girls on the Run Rhode Island 5k, Providence, RI #4 of #13in2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.54.22 PM

I should probably blog about my last run before I complete run #5 tomorrow night ! Well, it was “Hot hot hot. Run. Slowed to a crawl. Did it.” That was all I had to say after completing this run. I can’t wait for the chance to get back to Roger Williams Park, it was […]

Tuff Scrambler, Rehoboth MA “The Ultimate 5k Adventure Race” #3 of #13in2013

2013-05-18 11.15.05

I did it. So this was just like the Diva Dash, ummm on STEROIDS! I arrived rather early, alone. It gave me some time to check out my cool stuff and well, look around.    OH Geez.  “What did I get myself into?”  That was pretty much the biggest thought running around in my brain. Watching […]

St. Pats Providence RI #2 of #13in2013 ….hmm #laterpost

2013-03-09 12.25.10

It looks like I never officially posted about my St. Pat’s 5K run – so here it is. #2 : 3/9/13 – St. Pats Providence, RI 5k (3rd Anniv 5k Run!) – Overall Place 2003/3191 Total 32:58.3 Pace 10:36/M This was my 3rd Anniversary of running 5k’s.  It was a really great morning, no PR or anything […]

My #13in2013 Race Shirt Choices !


I put it to vote on Instagram a while back… Here are a couple design choices for my #13in2013 race shirts ! Which would you prefer to follow ?!

Scarborough Beach/Trail Run, Narragansett RI, 5k Race #1 of #13in2013


A week removed from my first 5k of 2013 I am wishing I was back on the beach! Although it was a very frigid, windy morning on a Rhode Island beach i truly enjoy this run. It’s one of the smaller races with only 130 runners. Having (sortof) planned out how long I would be […]

Are you ready for #13in2013 ? Yes. You. I am at it again… Booked my first run of 2013.

#13in2013 Challenge

Some may recall that I came up with this crazy goal for 2012 in January of 2012, #12in2012.  Well I have come to the conclusion to do it again, this time #13in2013. This time will be a little different as I will be part of an online support system.  I was in my own little world last […]