Dishing out cultural awareness

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Teaching children about other cultures can be difficult — in part because many kids don’t see how it relates to the stuff they really care about. But if you can find a way to deliver information about other cultures as part of your kids’ everyday lives, widening their world view can literally be as easy […]

The Perfect Foods to Impress Mom


Serving Mom breakfast in bed is a traditional way to kick off a Mother’s Day celebration, but what happens when she gets hungry later? If your kitchen skills aren’t the greatest, or if you’re having a Mother’s Day get-together with friends and you want to keep the cooking and cleaning chores at a minimum, appetizers […]

Great Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids and Parents


Arts and crafts activities are great way for parents and children to spend quality time together while encouraging creativity. Children are the most imaginative creatures on Earth, and giving them an outlet for their creative impulses encourages growth in their developmental years. Parents can also benefit from these crafty activities, becoming closer with their children […]

How to Make the Perfect Homemade Cappuccino!

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Cappuccinos are one of the nation’s favourite hot drinks – whether drank as a pick-me-up to start the day or an afternoon treat with a biscuit or slice of cake! However, even though most people love drinking a cappuccino, not many know how to make a good one for themselves – or even what they […]

Turkey, Tribe Hummus, Tomato, Eggplant Pocket


I never thought this would be my quick goto lunch … It’s deli turkey, roasted eggplant, cherry tomatoes and hummus. On a flat bread pita pocket. The oven was already on so the eggplant was a bonus!

Just add water – Apple Pie.

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What can I say – nothing beats a real apple pie but this was quick and easy. The crust was impressive for a box, throw a few cherries on it and done! I followed a combination of the pie crust box recipe and can recipe. The apples were very sweet but after baking seemed to […]

Seven top online recipes to make Italian food at home


Seven top online recipes to make Italian food at home   It has happened to us all: you love a dish you try at an Italian restaurant, but when you go home and try recreate the dish yourself it comes out like a culinary leaning tower of pisa – funny to look at but definitely […]

Recipe: Kit Kat Candy Cake …Celebrate Cake ! A Pinterest “Nailed It” Sorta.

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Here it is!  You see it happening online live via social media but it does take some time to properly put together a somewhat decent blog post. I saw this cake (weeks ago and saved image on my phone) on pinterest and knew it would be perfect to try… You’ve heard those words right ? […]

Recipe: Cauliflower Breadsticks. A cooking adventure.


A Pinterest recipe eye-spy !  I later google searched and found a bunch but focused on this recipe. It required having a fresh cauliflower, which I have never worked with or purchased.  That was step one. We were having pizza for dinner – it would go perfect!  I ‘wing it’ with recipes so some of these other steps […]

Recipe Fail: Crockpot Lemon Chicken


So not all plans go well. This past holiday weekend, I was getting a bit over-confident ahead of myself in the kitchen with a few days in a row on vacation from work. This recipe started with “so, I bought a lemon…” I searched and found some recipes. Before dumping everything in I even bothered to brown the chicken […]