Parragon Book Buddy: 5000 Amazing Facts (Discovery Kids)

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Parragon Books Presents: 5000 Amazing Facts (Discovery Kids) This book is packed with 5000 amazing facts! Varied and exciting design presents information in appealing, bite-sized chunks. Great value format with eye-catching finishes. High quality photography and dynamic graphics on every page. Source: Amazon As always, Thank you so much to Parragon Books, we are happy Book […]

Homemade Baked Apples and Whipped Cream

Finished Product

I realized we had too many apples in the fridge that were not getting eaten. Frequently I chop up fruit and veggies and throw them in the freezer. We can use them for stir fry recipes, sauces, soups and ( most likely ) my smoothies. While I was cutting them up magically the boys want to eat […]

4 Delicious Homemade Ginger Ale Recipes


Thanks to long walks and hanging out with my pregnant girlfriend I have been having all sorts of cravings! She showed me how she got through the first trimester with homemade ginger ale. One shopping trip I scooped up handfuls of ginger and made some of my own homemade ginger ale, with a kick from […]

DIY: Personalized Custom Race Medal Holder

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The boys have participated in a handful of races each throughout the last few years. It hit me that they may not think or realize how special their medals are if I just hang them randomly in their rooms 💞 I need them to be reminded that those medals, staying active and pursuing goals are all equally so special !! […]

Parragon Book Buddy: Project Dad


Parragon Books Presents: Project Dad is bursting with ideas for projects for hands on dads everywhere. How about making your own Robot Puppet with bits from around your home? Fancy exploring the great outdoors with a scavenger hunt? Or why not create a fantastic castle for your children to play in using cardboard boxes? This […]