Teaching Your Kids How To Swim

Swimming in the summertime!

I can’t imagine summers without swimming. In the midst of a hot day, with a house full of kids who are starting to get a little bit antsy, I always know what to do. Just toss out the question, “Hey, do you guys want to go swimming?” The house is always a flurry as they […]

Inexpensive and Creative Gifts That Grandparents Love


There are a lot of reasons why having grandparents in our lives is such a wonderful blessing. They are loving and supportive. They look forward to spoiling us rotten. And when it comes to the gift-giving department, they aren’t high-maintenance. Matter of fact, so long as we call them on a regular basis and pop […]

Spend More Time with Your Family

Quality time with Mom and Dad is something your children will remember their whole lives. They will even incorporate what they’ve learned from you into raising their own kids. It is not always easy for a father who is working to fit that time in, however. The clever dad takes kid-time to a new level. […]

The Importance of Teaching Your Children Manners


The times are certainly changing. The classic examples of proper behavior are falling by the wayside in the face of reality television, and a less face-to-face, more digital style of communication with our peers. But that’s exactly why it may be more important than ever before to continue teaching our children manners and proper behavior. […]

The Importance of Setting Computer Limits for Our Kids

kid computer

Although computing technology and the internet have brought some incredible things into our lives, they have also changed the way children grow up. Gone are the days of library trips and newspapers. Now an entire world of information is available, and children are learning to use it while they’re still quite young. Though there are […]