Making Ends Meet During Periods of Unemployment


With a job market like ours, it’s time to get creative to help make ends meet during periods of unemployment. Jobs are scarce, good-paying jobs are even more scarce so it’s no wonder Americans are struggling like we are. Without having to beg for money on street corners, there are plenty of ways to help […]

When Should You Start Giving Kids an Allowance


Almost everybody spends some part of their week concerned about the state of the economy. And while it’s probably way too early for your kids to start grappling with those sorts of issues, it’s almost never too early for them to begin to understand financial responsibility. It’s not taught in schools, so the burden falls […]

Reasons to Continue Your Education


Contrary to popular belief, becoming a mother does not automatically disqualify you from continuing your education. Even mothers with young children can pursue higher degrees without neglecting their parental responsibilities. Below are several important reasons why you should consider continuing your education even after you become a parent.               […]