Soup. Pea Soup Recipe.

peasoupThis is sort of a recipe post…

Soup is not something that just happens, well not in my house, when I’m in the kitchen.  I can multitask all day long, yet when it comes to making soup (ok. and an entire meal) I get a bit overwhelmed at the thought.  Thinking “just do it” – seems to work sometimes.

Have I ever made chicken soup?!  ….turkey soup, yes, once.  Chicken soup from scratch, don’t think so.

I tend to experiment on ingredients that I happen to have on hand and/or a must try recipe seen on Pinterest.  I first search out Pinterest followed by Google.

Pea soup was something I have had in mind for months, for real.  Peas were frozen. I wanted to use a ham we made but I didn’t get to that in time, week old leftovers are not the best idea.

First few recipes I found seemed easy enough, until I got to the cook time and realized they were using split peas…

Instead boiled the peas in leftover spongebob chicken soup broth (little man ate all the noodles) and water, chopped red potatoes, added frozen chopped onion (love those), garlic and salt/pepper…. blend and boil so more. I know, when you wing it there is not much for a recipe – isn’t that what Pinterest is for :)

Yet another problem I run into lately is being the only one in the house that will eat my experimental meals. Who’s Hungry?!



…oh… was it edible ?   Yes, it was not half bad if I do say so myself – someday I will add ham  :)

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