Tips for Designing Your Own T-Shirt as a Designer

Right now, t-shirt designs are more complicated and varied than ever. A t-shirt is more than just a piece of clothing, but can actually be an expression of personal beliefs and style, much like a piece of art. Many designers, individuals, and even companies are creating innovative and artistic t-shirt designs to get noticed and express themselves through clothing.

If you are interested in ways to design your own t-shirt, how can you go about it? There are several steps you can take to create an impressive design.

Think of a subject: Anything that is out of the ordinary can be great on a shirt. Thinking outside the box can lead to clever and artistic shirt designs. You can find inspiration almost anywhere, from the pattern on the back of a leaf to a funny saying or inspirational quote.

Create the design: After you have your inspiration, you can then actually create the design. Use an old-fashioned pencil and paper to create the design. When you go to transform the design onto a shirt, you can show the piece of paper to the manufacturers, or upload the image to the company website.

Get it produced: There are many sites that allow you to create custom, artistic t-shirt designs online. Some even allow you to get money for your design if other people purchase it as well. Putting your design onto a website is a great first step toward mainstream production.

Cool designs for further inspiration

Bloody Neck

Bloddy T-shirt

This shirt is Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead. The shirt features a ring of blood around the neck, much like what would happen if the wearer’s head was chopped up. This shirt is attention-grabbing and unique because the rest of the shirt is so plain and the blood effects are startling.

Squeeze Me

Squize Me


Shirts that look like other things are always a design win. This shirt looks like the wearer is being squeezed in the middle by a giant cartoon hand. Clever shading makes this shirt look smaller than it really is. Designs like this are both innovative and fun.

Ripped Shirt? 

Ripped T-shirt


This shirt designed by Japanese designers Takayuki Fukuzawa looks like the shirt is ripped in the front, exposing a woman’s bra. However, on closer inspection, it is easy to see that the exposed bra is simply part of the complete shirt design.

Evian Baby 

Evian T-shirt


Evian used t-shirts as a clever marketing plant. The company created a stop-motion video where adults wearing babies on their shirts danced to music flipbook style. The shirts generated popularity and for a while, baby shirts were popping up all over the place. This ad campaign was so successful; it even won an award for innovative design marketing.

Wise Owl

Owl T-shirt


This type of shirt is very popular on t-shirt websites today. It looks like a piece of art, but the owl wearing old-fashioned 3D glasses makes it quirky enough to succeed in both popularity and sales.

T-shirts can be a powerful advertisement for any designer or brand. That is why it is so important to keep your products at high quality to keep your reputation intact.

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