Keeping Kids Cool, Comfortable and Cute All Summer Long

Ah summer: the days of pool parties, barbecues and endless hours swinging on the playground. Yet all this outside time doesn’t mean your kids can’t look cute. After all, with all these parties and play dates comes an endless opportunity to take pictures, right? As you’re planning your kids’ summer wardrobes, here are some important considerations.


Keep Them Cool

Your kids are likely going to spend a lot of time outside during summer break. This not only means their clothes will get dirty, but it also means they need to have cooler clothing. They’re going to be running, playing and sweating. Pick shorts, tank tops and light, cool fabrics to keep them comfortable outside. Sundresses for girls are another option, but throw a pair of shorts underneath so they can play without worry. For shoes, opt for a pair of sneakers and a durable pair of sandals so you can handle hot days and rainy days at the same time.

Mix and Match

The last thing a mom wants to do on a lazy summer morning is spend time picking out her kids’ outfits. One of the best fashion tips for children is to invest in mix-and-match outfits. If your kiddos can go to their dressers, grab any pants and top and get dressed without your help, your summer rituals will be much easier. Get cute outfits similar in style and color so you can mix and match, or invest in simple black or denim shorts that can be worn with any top.

Keep It SimpleBut Cute

Yes, your kids are going to be playing. Yes, they’re going to get dirty. But still, they can be cute and comfortable, even while you keep the look simple. This is the prime time to put a dress on a little girl, or give your little guy an adorable polo to wear with his durable, play-friendly jeans. If you have girls, don’t forget the hair. You’ll keep her comfortable by keeping it out of her face, and you can add a bow to increase the cuteness factor. They’re only going to be little for a while, so don’t sacrifice the cute just to be practical.

Ready to Swim

Swimwear is one area where you can really get creative and cute, but don’t forget to be safe as well. Protect your kids from the sun while they swim with long-sleeved swim shirts, and invest in a sun hat for the times when they’re out of the water and exposed to the sun. Water-friendly shoes can make those trips to the creek more comfortable and a bit safer as well. When it comes to the actual swimsuit or swim trunks, go ahead and have a little fun. These items will likely be worn quite a bit during the summer, so buy the cutest, most durable ones you can find!

Some Red, White and Blue

Summer is a season of patriotic holidays: Memorial Day and Independence Day are big days on every American’s calendar. As you plan your kids’ summer wardrobes, add some good old fashioned red, white and blue to the mix. Wearing these colors on holidays can help teach little ones the meaning behind these important days as well as add to the festivity of the occasion.

Remember, summer is a time to be laid back and enjoy family togetherness. A bit of thinking ahead about your kids’ wardrobes will ensure they look cute without spending too much time worrying about what to wear.

Holly is an Indianapolis native with love for baking and running. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she loves.

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