Buying Art Affordably – Strategies for Success

Blank walls can make a home feel  incomplete somehow. There will seem to be something missing. Yet, an attractive picture or painting in an ornamental frame can add exactly the right touch, brightening rooms and impressing visitors.

1948 by Jackson Pollock
1948 by Jackson Pollock

It is perfectly natural to want good art for your home. Everyone wants to be surrounded by beautiful things, and having them can lower your stress. You can even get creative inspiration looking at beautiful pictures and paintings on your walls. However, you may be concerned about the cost.

In many cases, that concern can be well-founded. As institutions like the Louvre illustrate, famous pieces of art can be valued at millions of dollars each. Even paintings by virtually unknown artists can go for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars if they are popular enough. This can be distressing to ordinary consumers, who love beautiful art but don’t love the idea of shelling out a fortune for it.

Rummage Sales

Because of that, many people are seeking creative ways to buy art affordably. One way is by going to rummage sales, also called garage sales. On one hand, these sales often feature unwanted items like old clothes and toys. On the other hand, they also tend to include pieces of art that the owners no longer have room for. These artworks can often be quite attractive, made by talented artists who didn’t become commercially successful. They can also be very affordable, since the owners at the rummage sale just want to make a modest amount of money.

For the art lover wanting to decorate their home, this is an ideal situation. They can secure a great painting at a reasonable cost in return for putting in some time at rummage sales. Of course, they may need to do a little work to clean off dust and dirt, but that is usually worth the effort.

Student Artists

Another option worth pursuing is taking a look at paintings by art students. They are creating because they love what they do, and are unlikely to expect large sums for what they produce. Many of them are very talented, creating everything from fantasy images to classic portraits. If you visit a display of works by college students, you will probably find some that suit your tastes.

By making purchases this way, you can stay within your budget, support budding artists, and get some really beautiful pieces that are completely original. It is definitely a win-win situation for the art lover on a budget.


Finally, you might want to consider reproductions of traditional masterpieces. These come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to fit them in the space you have available. They are also a way to surround yourself with your favorite period of art, such as the Renaissance.

Van Gogh - Canvas Painting
Van Gogh

A nice way to display those reproductions is with canvas prints. Canvas is long lasting, and provides an impressively distinctive look. Many people say it makes art look very expensive, even though the prints are actually very affordable.


This can also be done with photographic images. Imagine coming home each day and seeing a beautiful scene of a tropical beach, or majestic forest, or serene mountain lake on your wall. These kinds of images can help you to feel better about the difficulties of your day, and make you even happier to be home. Alternatively, prints of personal pictures are also popular. You might want to display one of you and your family on vacation, or your children when they were little. The possibilities are endless, because the beauty of art is always in the eyes of the beholders.

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    What a great idea! I’m a big sucker for wall art, especially paintings or photos printed on canvas, so getting it at more affordable prices is ideal!

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