5 TIps for Finding a Quality Daycare in Your Area

daycareIf you are a parent who happens to work outside of the home and you have a child who is not yet old enough to go to school, then one of the challenges that you face is finding the best kind of child care that is also affordable.

After all, there are many reports which indicate that daycares can cost, at the minimum, $400-600 per month and even at that price, you might not find yourself getting all of the things that you would like for your child to have within a traditional daycare setting.

That’s why we wanted to provide you with five tips for how to find some of the best child care within your community while still being able to stay within your budget in the process. Check these suggestions out below:

Think about what you really want and what your child really needs. There are all kinds of child care options to choose from: daycare, home-based centers, nannies and even family members or people you know. Yet before you start to seriously exploring these choices, it’s important that you take some time out to think about what kind of care you want for your child. Do you want them to learn how to interact with a lot of different kinds of children? If so, a reputable daycare might be best. Or, perhaps you want them in a home environment with someone you already have a relationship with. If that’s the case, you might want to ask your mother or a person who attends your church.

Make sure to ask around. No matter what it is that you’re looking for, it’s always a good idea to seek out some referrals. That’s because it gives you the opportunity to get some firsthand testimonies of various child care options, plus you can get an idea of how much they cost too.

Look into some family-run daycares. If you do decide to go with a daycare, look into the kind that are family run inside of a person’s home. By finding someone who already takes care of their own children and are simply looking to add a few more kids into the bunch, you can usually get a much cheaper rate.

Don’t use a service. Say that rather than going with a child care center, you would prefer to use a nanny. Although there are a lot of nanny services that you could pay to find you an individual who would either work for you during business hours or would live with you and your family full-time, that can get to be pretty costly. Being that the internet lists so many nanny sites, it’s best if you do the research yourself. Nanny.com, Nannies4Hire and Care.com are just a few to look into.

Consider a caregiver. And finally, another option that’s becoming more and more popular is hiring a caregiver who can work as a housekeeper and a child care provider simultaneously. Currently, the average age of people who are willing to “double up” in this capacity is 28 and so by going this route, you might discover someone who can relate well with your child, can keep the house clean and also prepare dinner. And if you are able to find all of that, you are definitely getting a bargain!

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