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When it comes to blogging Mommies seem to have a lot of pull. However I also see a lot of Mommy bloggers with sites that look terrible and could probably do a lot better if they just had an update or too. I know that moms do not have a lot of time to fool around, but here are a few ways you can make your Mommy blog stand out from the rest:

  1. Looks matter – Just like what you wear when you go out or what your kids wear to school what your blog looks like is the first indication readers have of its content. If your blog looks like it was thrown up with no effort at all put in, or worse yet looks like something a elementary school kid put together for a class project then you are probably not getting the traffic or attention your blog deserves. I know it is what is inside that really counts, but if readers do not come in the front door how can you show them around your house? It does not take much to spruce up your blog. My recommendation is to get a professional designer to set your blog up with a personal theme created just for you. If that is too expensive then you could go for a paid theme that is not personalized as much. If you do not want to pay for anything then I beg you to NOT try to do it yourself. Just stick with a nice, simple free theme and leave it alone. There is nothing worse than a cobbled together site. Nothing.
  2. Pictures matter – Beyond just the theme of the site you also should be thinking about the images you have on your site. Do you have a bunch of baby pictures? Boring shots of clouds and slides? Food pictures? Images matter and a professional looking image is your best bet. Invest in a good quality camera if you want to take your own shots. Do a little research into what it takes to bring together the perfect photo. Is the light right? The angle? Does it look like something off of Instagram (please, no!)? If photography is not in your list of talents then you can find professional stock photography for free at sites like While I am not putting down your picture taking abilities, sometimes it is best to leave things up to the professionals.
  3. Content matters – Going beyond the looks of the site, let’s talk about content. What is on your blog? Is your blog just one big advertisement? I know you want to make money, but come on now. Who is really going to read your promotional posts if you never have any real content to go along with it. First things first. Offer your readers something real. Funny stories, good advice, a shoulder to cry on, whatever your blog is about. The point is to offer more than just another billboard run by a Mom. Be proud of your blog and happy to tell your friends and family about it.
  4. Connections matter – Another big mistake I often see Mommy bloggers make is a lack of connection with their readers. If I see a Mommy blog with no comments then I have to assume no one is reading. There is no one chattier than a bunch of proud Mommies, so why isn’t your blog bursting with comments and conversations? If you are lacking in the connection department then try to invite readers to comment. Ask questions. Offer to listen to suggestions. Create a blog post solely for the purpose of asking and giving advice. Everyone needs a little help or a friendly ear once in a while. Be that for your readers and form real connections that last.
  5. Roots matter – Staying true to your roots is an important part of being a successful Mommy blogger. Success is measured in different ways, but to me true success means staying true to your original goal for your blog. Did you start out wanting to help other moms with disabled kids? Did you want to give advice to younger moms? Did you just want to share your story with like-minded moms? Or maybe you wanted to make an impact on the world? Whatever your goal was when you started have you accomplished it? Are you still working towards it? It is okay for goals to evolve, but remember why you started your blog. Staying true to your roots means you stay honest and provide something that is needed in this world. Do not be just another mouthpiece for baby product companies. Instead keep your goal in mind and always be aware of the greater implications.
  6. Love matters – Regardless of whatever else you do you should love your blog. Be proud of it. Want to talk about it and show it off. If you do not want anyone to know you write your blog then you should ask yourself why. I understand privacy reasons, but if you are ashamed of your blog then you should take steps to rectify that. Make your blog something you are proud to share with the world. Quality is something that requires love, and if there is anything a Mom knows about it is love. Love your blog, love your writing, love your readers and love yourself. Take pride in your creation, even if you are not always right. We may not be perfect but if we are passionate then that is what really matters.

If you think your blog could use a change do not get disheartened. It is never too late to make your blog into something truly special. Just like a child a blog is shaped by those that take care of it. What kind of person does your blog reflect? If you don’t like the answer than do something about it. Be proud of your blog and your care will shine through.

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Rachel is an ex-babysitting pro as well as a professional writer and blogger. She is a graduate from Iowa State University and currently writes for She welcomes questions/comments which can be sent to @

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