Where to Look for Help When Your Kids Struggle Academically

homeworkThe bottom line is that our education system is flawed, which leaves many of our children behind in school and unprepared for the world ahead. Every year 1.1 million students drop out of school. And even more staggering, two out of three eighth graders are so behind in math and reading proficiency that many of them will never catch up. These fundamental challenges are an ongoing problem and many of them reach the very foundation of the system itself. This can lead many parents to take matters into their own hands. But where do you look for help when your kids are struggling academically?

Tutors are a great way to get some much-needed academic help for your children. A good tutor in math, science and reading can really succeed in catching them up with their own grade’s learning levels. The problem with many schools is that they just don’t have the funding for one on one learning. This can make many kids fall behind. However, a regular tutor can help them with homework and even give them other tasks to help them achieve their goals.

Parent with students who are struggling academically can also choose to find a private school. Whether your child is a little more creative or perhaps math oriented, many of these schools have specialized learning. Specialized learning is a really great way to encourage your children to learn by putting them in an environment that they enjoy. Many times, children will feel more inclined to learn and participate if they are actually interested and see a benefit in going to school each day.

Another place you can turn to if your kids are struggling academically, is to an after school program. Many of these programs are focused one area of interest, like math and reading. By the time many students are ready to graduate and go to college, their math levels are significantly low, which can lead to poor SAT scores and the possibility of not getting a position at a good college. A lot of these math and reading programs have curriculums that have been proven to increase proficiency.

As a parent, you can also take sometime out of your own schedule to help them with their schoolwork. Often, children will trust their own parent before they trust a tutor. You can dedicate a couple of hours a day or week depending on what your own work schedule is like. In essence, you don’t want to lose your ability to make an income, but you could find places in your schedule that will permit you to devote some time.

When your children are struggling academically there a number of places you can look. Tutors are great for some one on one learning that they won’t receive in a class of 30 students and private schools are a great way to give your child specialized learning if their interest is specific, like math and science. There are also other options too, like finding an after school program and even taking time out of your busy schedule as a parent to tutor your own kids. You can find more information here in this article or you can ask an education specialist what the best options are for your kids.

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