Tips for Teaching Your Daughter About Makeup

Does your little girl love imitating you? She probably enjoys trying on your high heels and pretending to wear makeup. Girls as young as three enjoy dressing up, so you need to be prepared to discuss when, what and where your daughter can wear facial products. Here are a few suggestions as you teach your daughter about makeup.

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When Should She Start Wearing Makeup?

Most girls start wearing real makeup when they’re in middle school. Your young daughter may loudly object to waiting until then, but you have two good reasons for asking her to wait. First, she’s already beautiful. She doesn’t need facial enhancers. Second, she has to be old enough to apply the products and care for them properly.

Ultimately, you’re the mom and get to decide when your daughter starts wearing facial products. But keep the conversation open and respectful. You can use this experience to bond with your daughter.

What Types of Makeup Should she Wear?

When you’re ready to teach your daughter how to apply makeup, buy a few essential items.

Lip gloss brightens her lips. Ideally, she should wear a neutral shade that matches her skin tone rather than a bright red or dark black.

Eye shadow adds glimmer. Rather than wearing bright blue or dark grey, your daughter can successfully wear a tasteful shade.

Mascara naturally opens her eyes. Choose a color that matches her hair shade, and apply it sparingly so it doesn’t clump or make her look too mature. You can also purchase clear mascara that includes vitamin E and will strengthen your daughter’s lashes.

Fragrances add a splash of sweetness to her body. A little goes a long way, though, and she only needs to apply a small amount to her wrists rather than spray it all over her body and clothing.

With the products assembled, show your daughter how to apply each product. You could also take her to a cosmologist or department store makeup counter. There, the professionals can show her the right application techniques and encourage her to wear the right shades for her skin tone and type.

She should also learn how to care for the products. She shouldn’t share brushes or use old makeup. These tips are part of responsible makeup use.

While teaching her how to wear makeup properly, offer tips on skin care. She should learn how to wash her face every day, remove makeup properly and apply moisturizer or acne cream as needed.

How Much is Enough?

As your daughter wears modest clothes, her makeup should be modest too. Especially as a new makeup wearer, she should wear as little product as possible. She can experiment with different shades and looks when she’s older and wear bright colors on her nails. For now, your daughter must protect her innocence and stick to the day look.

How Often Should she Wear Makeup?

Your daughter doesn’t need makeup every time she leaves the house. She can save her facial products for special and dress up occasions. She’s a beautiful person whether she wears makeup or not.

Are you a Good Example?

As you teach your daughter how to apply her makeup, make sure you set a good example. Use moderation and don’t use makeup to cover your beauty. If you use makeup properly, she’ll learn how to enhance rather than cover her beauty too.

Wearing makeup is fun for girls of any age. Bond with your daughter as you teach her how to wear makeup properly.

Holly is an Indianapolis native with a passion for baking and running. When she isn’t training for her next mini, you can find her blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she loves.

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