How to Manage Pregnancy Discomfort While You Work

pregnant workingAs exciting as the idea of having a child may be, pregnancy can be difficult to live with–especially while you’re working. This is an interesting challenge in the modern world, and many women aren’t quite sure how to handle it. You’ll want to stay healthy and stress free throughout your pregnancy, but the changes occurring in your body combined with the stresses of work may conspire to bring you down. Managing your pregnancy discomfort while you work doesn’t have to be an impossible task, however. If you know how to meet these challenges, you can stay healthy and comfortable no matter what.

Be sure to maintain a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy. You may experience unusual cravings, and you shouldn’t be afraid to indulge them. After all, your body knows what it needs. However, always fill your days with plenty of balanced, nutritious meals that will help nourish you throughout this challenging time of life. A healthy diet will keep your energy levels high, avoid excessive weight gain, and make sure that you and your baby are both happy and healthy.

If your work has you stationed at a desk all day long, make time to get up and move around. Staying sedentary for hours at a time isn’t good for anyone, and that goes double for pregnant women. Staying seated in the same position will lead to discomfort, aches, and premature weariness. Stay light and flexible, and help your blood circulate throughout your body by getting up to walk around or do some light exercise from time to time. You’ll feel more comfortable and less fatigued throughout the day, making it much easier to keep working throughout your pregnancy.

Be prepared for morning sickness. Many women experience it, and it is universally unpleasant. In fact, it can make work practically unbearable. To combat morning sickness before it gets too severe, try to eat several smaller meals and snacks throughout the day to keep your stomach from going empty. Drinking lots of fluids will also help to keep the nausea away. Find out what your triggers are, and try to avoid them. Often, a certain smell will trigger awful nausea. Some women have found relief from carrying essential oils and herbal extracts for a fresh scent that they can use anywhere to block out nauseating triggers. Be prepared for morning sickness, and take measures to minimize it so that you’ll be more comfortable while you work.

Finally, don’t suffer in silence. Be open about your pregnancy, and don’t hide anything. If you’re experiencing discomfort or morning sickness, be vocal about it. If you’re blood banking with FamilyCord, don’t be afraid to discuss it. Your friends and coworkers are more understanding than you may realize, and some of them have gone through the same ordeal that you’re working through right now. It always helps to have a support network, especially when you’re struggling to manage pregnancy while you work, so don’t hide anything. You’ll be much happier if you talk about your feelings and experiences.

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