How to Help Your Daughter Find the Perfect Dress for Prom

promIt seems like just yesterday that you were unwrapping cute little pink clothes at the baby shower that was thrown for you and your daughter while you were pregnant with her and now here you are, preparing to get her ready for one of the most important nights of her entire life: the prom.

Although there’s a pretty good chance that she already knows what kind of dress that she wants to wear, by going shopping with her, it’s the perfect opportunity to not only spend some quality time with your child, but to also share some of your insights on what you feel will make her look her absolute best.

So, what are some things that you can do to help your daughter find the perfect prom dress? We have five tips for you below:

Get her body measurements. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a prom gown is, if it’s ill-fitting, it will not make your daughter look as stunning as you know that she can be. So, before anything else, if you are not a seamstress, make sure to take her to a local tailor (or someone who does alterations) so that she can get her official measurements. Once you know what those are, make sure to also take her to a lingerie store to pick up two bras: one with straps and one without (so that you’ll have the right bras to go dress shopping with).

Look into body types. All of us have our own distinctive body type: apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle are the most common ones. By knowing which category your daughter fits into, you can help her to select a dress that accentuates her best body features. One website that can provide assistance in narrowing down her particular type is

Search online. Now that you know your daughter’s measurements, you’re ready to get a feel for the kind of style of dress that she would like. Thanks to the internet, you can find all kinds of dresses online without having to drive all over the city to physically look at gowns. Make sure to encourage her to not just look at what’s “in style” but to also discuss colors that will best complement her hair and skin tone.

Try and buy the dress at the store. Although online shopping can be great for helping to cultivate a certain visual that you and your daughter are looking for and it’s also really convenient when it comes to getting things jeans and shoes, it can be hard to know if the way a formal dress looks in a picture on a website is how it will look on your child. So, as much as possible, try and purchase a prom gown at a local store or boutique. That way, your daughter can immediately see how it looks on and you can also save time on alterations (since you won’t have to wait for the dress to ship to you like you would with a gown that you would purchase on the internet).

Take a couple of friends and a few pictures. Prom pictures are something that many of us keep for years to come. That’s why when your daughter is looking for her prom dress 2013, encourage her not to rush with making her final selection. After all, she might end up showing those photographs to her children and grandchildren years from now. So, it’s a good idea for her to take a couple of her friends along and to also take pictures in various dresses before purchasing a gown. Whichever dress gets the most votes from her, you and her friends, there’s a pretty good chance that it will be the one that is absolutely perfect for your daughter at her prom.

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