The Optimal Diet to Maximize Your Fertility

shutterstock_99379043The decision to become parents is an important one filling the minds of potential parents with hope and excitement for the future and the rest of their lives. It is a big step that should be taken into serious consideration. Once that decision has been made, the couple should do everything in their power to conceive a healthy baby. Many steps can be taken to ensure a quick and healthy conception and the biggest factor in both the male and female is their diet.

A lot of foods out on the market today can have damaging affects to the fertility of the male and female and that is why it is important for them to eschew those damaging ones and focus more on eating only the foods that are going to aid in the process. Certain meals will benefit only men while some only women, and that is because of the difference in the operations between the two during the conception process.

For men, they want to ingest food that will boost sperm production. Oysters have been rumored to be aphrodisiacs for a long time but guess what, they also aid fertility. This is because they are a good source of zinc, a nutrient very beneficial in men’s systems. Zinc can also be found in different meats, eggs, pumpkin seeds, and beans.

It is also available as a common addition to any multivitamin regimen, which provides a plethora of other nutrients beneficial to a man’s organ. Nutrients like chromium, selenium, copper, B vitamins, and various proteins and enzymes when taken in appropriate amounts all have been proven to increase the sperm count.

For women, though, they require different nutrients to help a timely and healthy ovulation. Women are encouraged to heat more complex carbohydrates like whole grains and brown rice to help keep the blood sugar and insulin levels in check.

Switching up the proteins helps too, with marked rises in ovulation when women switch from animal proteins to a more nutritious plant protein. Beans, peas, and peanuts are all on the table but do not need to override the diet entirely. Simply adding them to the diet and limiting the meat intake will be enough.

Women can also benefit from drinking “full fat” dairy products. It seems counterintuitive, since they should be watching their weight but the fat has been shown to help. Items like milk, yogurt, and ice cream have all been used to increase ovulation. These items are high in calories so one serving a day is recommended.

There are foods available to both men and women that can benefit their fertility – those being fruits and vegetables. They are great for a healthy diet so it should not be a shock to see them being helpful here. They are filled with antioxidants that promote good health and immunities. What is less known is that they are filled with a nutrient, folate, which has been shown to decrease the possibility of birth defects. Folate can be found in citrus fruits and leafy greens.

The inclusion of these foods should help the couple conceive a baby but it’s not enough to be done alone. Quitting smoking and drinking, in large amounts, also reduce the risk of pregnancy problems, and a healthy active lifestyle is strongly recommended by doctors to increase the general health of the couple. If all else fails, remember that sperm banks today can offer many tailored services that can also be a viable solution to your situation.

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