Moving With Children: Tips to make your move stress free

Change is not just hard for adults – children often experience stress during a move. Parents who communicate with their children, involve them in the packing process and stay positive can make this experience less stressful. A well-organized move helps adults and children transition to a new home.

Communicate with the Kids Moving with children
Children should never hear about a move from another relative, sibling or friend. Instead, it is important for parents to sit down with kids and explain the reasons for the move and what this new home has to offer them. Looking at a new community with kids’ glasses means thinking about what makes it alluring to the children: everything from parks and museums to fun new activities can make this move seem more appealing. It is important to research different schools and activities in the area so that kids know they can continue taking ballet classes or joining the local Boy Scouts group.

Pack as a Family 
Children need to feel like they are a part of this move and decision. Thus, they should not only help pack up their rooms but also the home. Families that downsize or get rid of old belongings together experience far less stress. Kids feel more in control if they can pack up old toys and donate them to charity. It is equally fun to have a yard sale to get rid of old books, movies and pieces of furniture. Additionally, packing as a family makes this task easier and ensures everyone has a hand in labeling boxes.

Shop as a Family 
Kids will be more excited about a move if they feel like they can redecorate their room or buy something new for the home. After all of the downsizing and purging, kids like to feel like they can make their new home “theirs.” Buying furniture as a family or investing in new bedding goes a long way to making this move go smoothly.

Essentials Stay Separate
A family will need a bag for basic essentials that they can easily access upon entering a home. This means that every family member needs to have a bag of clothes, toiletries, and things like dish soap and detergent. Keeping essential items in a separate bag ensures that kids and adults alike are ready for their first night in this new home.

Proper Goodbyes
Children need help saying goodbye to their teachers, school and friends. Parents should create an address book so that kids can stay connected to their old home. It is smart to bring in cupcakes to school or to even have a going away party. Kids need closure so that they do not feel stressed about a move. Parent should not worry if there are some tears involved. Saying goodbye is hard. Children are allowed to be sad. Smart adults will make sure to communicate with kids so that they can experience goodbyes together.

Make a Schedule and Checklist Moving Checklist
Kids feel better when they know when a move will happen. Parents should set up a calendar that explains when packing will begin, where the new home is located and when the move will happen. Being clear about checklists, packing tasks and departure dates relieves a lot of stress for youth.

Communication is important when parents make the decision to leave. Children need to know where this new home is located, when the move will happen and how this will affect their lives. Parents who take the time to communicate with their kids can relieve a lot of stress for everyone involved. This is a chance to pack and move together as a family and say goodbye as a unit.

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