Build an Amazing Playroom on a Budget

You need a playroom in your home. It gives your kids a safe space where they can play, and it keeps their toys and other activities from overtaking your home. You don’t have a huge budget, though, so here are tips that help you build an amazing playroom without breaking the bank.


Plan the Playroom

Before buying any toys or activities, plan your playroom. First, decide which room will work best. It might be a spare bedroom or the basement, but it should be accessible to all your kids and within hearing distance of dad and mom.

Next, empty the room. You’ll want to clean the room completely and measure each wall.

Then, draw a to-scale picture of the room. With the blueprint, you plan paint and choose flooring. You also measure storage solutions or gaming systems and make sure everything fits before you move in.

Decorate the Playroom

With your measurements, you’re ready to paint the playroom. Find affordable paint at the local Habitat Restore. You could also paint each wall a different color using leftover paint from previous home renovations. After all, the room’s a playroom and is meant to be colorful and fun.

The floors may need an update too. You might want to pull up the white carpet or install soft foam or cork flooring. If so, look for discounted or clearance options at the flooring store. You could also use affordable carpet remnants or throw rugs. They give your kids soft landing spots throughout the room without busting your budget.

Furnish the Room

Child-sized tables, chairs and storage bins make the playroom accessible for your kids. Find affordable furniture at thrift and consignment stores. You can always strip old paint off worn wooden furniture and repaint or re-stain it.

Remember to look around your house for items to repurpose. A wooden armoire could become a toy box. Unwanted food storage containers organize small puzzle pieces. A shower rod and hooks hold Halloween costumes and other dress up clothes. Use your imagination as you repurpose furnishings for your playroom.

If you’re handy, build your own furniture. From two chairs, build storage shelves. Use plywood for a stage. Or build your own table and chairs. Your resourcefulness saves you a bundle of cash and is a project your entire family can do together.

Stock the Room

Your room is now ready to welcome toys! Sort through the items your kids already own. Donate items they’ve outgrown or no longer want. Find a place in the playroom for the toys they want to keep.

Find new playroom items that are age appropriate at secondhand stores, yard sales and toy swaps. Here, you’ll find a selection of puzzles, games, musical instruments, books and other toys for your kids no matter how old they are.

You’ll also want to check out post-holiday sales throughout the year. Find discounted chalk and art supplies, dress up clothes and wall décor at deep discounts after holidays.

Additionally, look for deals at your local outlet shops and on Groupon and other discount sites. You can find deals on toys, furnishings or storage options at these locations as you stock your playroom.

Your kids learn about life and develop emotionally, mentally and socially as they play. That’s why they need a playroom in your home. And when you stock it with secondhand, discounted and repurposed items, you build the ultimate playroom without spending a fortune.

Holly is an Indianapolis native with a passion for baking and running. When she isn’t training for her next half marathon, you can find her blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she loves.

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