Recipe: Kit Kat Candy Cake …Celebrate Cake ! A Pinterest “Nailed It” Sorta.

photo2012-12-31 18.51.01Here it is!  You see it happening online live via social media but it does take some time to properly put together a somewhat decent blog post.

I saw this cake (weeks ago and saved image on my phone) on pinterest and knew it would be perfect to try… You’ve heard those words right ?  This was going to be our Daddy’s birthday cake creation.  My last big kitchen adventure for the holiday weekend.

We chose ‘just add water’ angel food cake at the store.  Picked up some kit kats (which were only in the king size option, pricy and I got highly annoyed) and bargin christmas m&m’s. While in the checkout aisle ran and got some frosting !

7yr old was so happy to help mix it up.  We timed out 30seconds on low, 1min on med. I had the right pan!  and into the oven.  WAIT. the part that got me in the just add water cake… was cooling it upside down?!  I reached out on Instagram and FB and got some great feedback.  Thanks again ladies :)

Once it was in the oven, I had an out load “OMG.”  What mom?   the food coloring, i forgot to add the food colors. He was thinking we could take it out add it and put it back in, but I knew we would be in for a flat angel food cake if we did that.

So during baking we whipped up some fun corn muffins and I let them color them… kinda cute and once they finished delicious.

Back to the cake.  Once it was out and cooling upside down the boys were like vultures circling roadkill.  This was not going to wait until tomorrow.  We decided to frost and finish New Years Eve, one day early.

A few glasses of wine later – Cut it in half, splashed on some frosting and lined it with kit kats, tied it together with a ribbon, because there was no way they were staying put without it !

Ta Da! There you have it.

Pinterest Pin, Nailed! Sorta.

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