Recipe Fail: Crockpot Lemon Chicken

crockpotchicken.24So not all plans go well. This past holiday weekend, I was getting a bit over-confident ahead of myself in the kitchen with a few days in a row on vacation from work.

This recipe started with “so, I bought a lemon…”

I searched and found some recipes. Before dumping everything in I even bothered to brown the chicken !

Crockpots are easy right?   Not for me.  3 out of 5 times, I fail.

I was happy to use up all the ‘not minute’ brown rice we had.

Here goes it, dumped in the rice, onions, garlic, chicken stock, squeezed 1/2 lemon and dropped that in for fun.  Browned chicken on top, set for 4 hrs on high.

After about 2.5 hrs or so, playing games, etc. I smelled something delicious. It had reminded me that I started dinner, go me !

When it came time to tasting I was no longer celebrating.  The rice was yucky.  Burnt lemon and/or garlic – just awful   That kind of awful you need to keep tasting to see if it’s really bad… oh yeah bad.

The chicken was not so bad a little bit dry, but barely ok.  I plated up the two kid plates and attempted to pass it off as nothing was wrong while they were watching tv.  No good – I was caught “Mom this rice is HORRIBLE!”.   They both tried to humor me like it, but had peanut butter and nutella for dinner instead.

I bet the chicken is still in the tupperware in the fridge… ah, just put some bbq sauce on it.

The culprit verdit could be leaving a whole lemon in there, kinda what it tasted like, burnt lemon rind.

What do you think?

Do you have any crockpot favs or fails ?


Blog recipe I followed, not right.



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  1. Michaela says

    Nice to know I am not the only one with (secret) crock pot fails. I often over cook my chicken in the crockpot – even if I follow the recipe exactly. I have found that my crockpot must run hotter so I adjust my time accordingly. (that is what I tell myself. My crock pot is too hot, I didn’t mess it up!) Oh, and I do have an amazing roast chicken recipe – not crock pot.

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