Freezing Veggies for Green Smoothies, Avocado Cucumber

Hmmm, slits didn't help.
Hmmm, slits didn’t help.

I used up all my frozen cucumbers for my smoothies so I cut up some more. While at it I decided to freeze up the avocados. I cut them in half and added slits so that I could pop the skin off when time to use. And I figured they were kinda soft and skin would keep them together well…
Wait ? Not until I pulled them out of the freezer, days later, froze solid, did I realize that there was no “popping” them out of the skin. Super human arm strength I do not have. I should start working on the pull ups.
Note to self: the bananas didn’t work when you froze them with skin on. Add avocado to that do not freeze with skin on list.

What do you freeze and use later ?
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  1. Robin says

    I freeze bananas in the skin all the time. Just run them under warm water until thawed enough to squeeze the banana out of it’s skin, I do this right into the blender. I also freeze avocados, peeled for smoothies – learned the hard way too. Glad to see I can freeze cucumbers.

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