Santa’s Village Gum Drop “Tree” – Pinterest Inspired Craft

I came up with the idea for a gum drop tree because I needed something to bring to the host of a christmas party, someone that has everything. So a favorite candy – gum drops = gum drop tree.

Little did I know it would turn into a village of gum drops.

First start with waking up with an idea, onto pinterest, which lead me to Martha’s ‘gum drop pops’ (IMG 1).

I thought they were cute as can be, but did not think I could actually achieve anything that would even come close.

Off to Walmart we ( 4yr old son & I ) went, still with a basic gum drop tree in mind possibly making some people pops…

I got everything I needed at there. Except. The gum drops.  Off to Target, thanks to the helpful sales associate “oh no, we sold out with all the gingerbread houses.” No Gum Drops. I really don’t like shopping so I was sure to call the next store before stopping in.  Success, got some fruit slices and spice drops at Shaws.

Once we had everything it was back to home base.

I setup the workstation and my 7yr old son was more than excited reluctant to help out.  Once we began and I let him use a knife, he was hooked.

He made his own snowmen and elves, also some trees.  He was most happy cutting.

For the eyes and buttons I used food coloring gel.  We attached the cone onto the base with a center dowel and glue.  Used toothpicks to apply the arms of santa and holly berries. It took a couple hours to complete, but well worth it as it was well received at the party!

Not sure what more to say – if you have questions, comment below…

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