PBS KIDS’ Curious George Helping to Bridge the STEM Education Gap in Preschool

The Concord Evaluation Group just released a study that shows that preschoolers learn important science and math concepts while watching Curious George on PBS KIDS, or by reading the TV tie-in books. This is particularly good news given that The National Education Policy Center issued a brief on Tuesday urging policymakers to invest in high-quality preschool education, citing its universally acknowledged economic and social benefits. PBS KIDS, and Curious George inparticular, is helping to invest in preschoolers and give them the skills they need, especially in STEM education.This is important be

cause not only is the program available for free on PBS, it’s popular (it’s currently the #1 series for preschoolers).

To view an embeddable video that features George and summarizes these finding, click on the image on the right or visit http://youtu.be/IV29-Zd46Eg.


The key findings of the study are available at pbs.org/curiousgeorge/research.

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  1. This is great! I work for a Summer Tech Camp where we focus on STEM education and finding ways of making learning fun and appealing to children and teens. It’s fascinating and awesome to see education developing to the point that even Curious George can help children better understand science and math! Incredible! Finally, an excuse for kids to watch cartoons! Thanks PBS! :)

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