Are you ready for #13in2013 ? Yes. You. I am at it again… Booked my first run of 2013.

#13in2013 Challenge
#13in2013 Challenge

Some may recall that I came up with this crazy goal for 2012 in January of 2012, #12in2012.  Well I have come to the conclusion to do it again, this time #13in2013.

This time will be a little different as I will be part of an online support system.  I was in my own little world last year, broadcasting to you, not knowing that there was tons of other women out there running their own version of #12in2012.

I am excited for this new challenge with a new network of runners to keep me motivated to push myself.

A few goals that have been rolling around in my brain were 3 key “runs” and/or a full sprint triathlon. I will probably go for a light obstacle race and hit Diva Dash Boston again. 3 runs seemed like too light of a goal, that I would easily get lazy with.  I am not so much interested in distance running as I am in building endurance, strength and weight training.

As I type and recall my first race of 2012 – I am happy to realize they have posted the same race again, Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Run It was not online a few weeks ago!    I think I was in the same state of mind, thinking…wait. Less than two weeks?  Ugh. I can do this.   They collect canned goods for donation to local food pantry.  It was a gorgeous run, although this year it starts at 9am, not noon.

Good Luck to my fellow #13in2013’ers !!




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