2013 Color Forecast

Michael Skaff, head of floral design for FTD and member of the Color Marketing Group, the international association for color design professionals, has the forecast for the hottest colors for 2013.  

Here are some of the colors:

  • In the red category: “Going Gaga” is a nod to pink. It has cosmetic influences, but is not a prissy pink and works well with mid-tone neutrals. This is a pink for grown-ups, great for men’s shirting and ties, home interiors and high-tech applications.
  • In the yellow category: “Wax Bean” is a light, invigorating yellow with a slightly green cast. It has a translucent quality and is a “chameleon color,” which makes it a great color to pair with cool colors.
  • In the green category: “Midsummer Night’s Green” comes from the forest. An authentic and herbaceous green, it’s a shade reminiscent of summer camp and forest rangers, and is nature’s neutral.

Michael has used color to create dramatic floral designs for the White House, multiple presidential inaugurations and the Academy Awards, among other prominent events. Michael is available to discuss these color trends and how they will be interpreted in products we experience every day.

The “Color Your Day” collection features bright fun tones that make the bouquets pop with mood lifting brilliance.

“The FTD Color Your Day Collection is a new line by FTD that features gorgeous fresh floral arrangements in four distinctive color palettes to transform moods and lift spirits. These unique arrangements are displayed in whimsical, paint can-inspired vases and make a bright, cheerful addition to any space.”  Michael Skaff about the CYD collection

“I chose these colors because they are great year-round and highlight the trend for bright and bold hues. Green is a great way to bring nature indoors in the winter months and it is a nice color to incorporate into your bathroom for a spa feel. Pink conveys feelings of love, friendship and warmth. We actually call this shade of pink ‘Gaga Pink,’ and it would be great in a bedroom. If you want to go bold- paint an accent wall a shade of pink, or simply add a throw pillow or sham in a shade that you and your husband both can agree on. Purple enchants the spirit and triggers imagination so for the creative types- bring purple into your office and off-set it with a rich gray. Finally, yellow brings a cheerful energy into any environment, uplifting the spirit with its spark of sunlight. I personally use yellow in my kitchen as it revitalizes me and gets me going in the morning.”  Michael Skaff about the CYD collection
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