Foxboro YMCA 5k #11 of #12in2012

Although coming off the Diva Dash injury / leg muscle strain – Run number 11 was still fun in a few different ways!  It was to hosted by the Foxboro YMCA Supporting Livestrong.

1. I designed the race shirts!  Nothing cooler than wearing a shirt you designed, and seeing every it all over around on race day !

2. It was my first run that I pushed my three year old in his stroller.  It made his day to ‘run’ in mom’s big race.  He had a blast with his water and snacks.   Mid race he was worried we might “miss it all” because he had to make a quick pit stop :)

I let him out near the finish and he was able to run across on his own – he was beyond proud!

He then went on to run in his own kid race and took “1st place” in his own mind.

3. Pushing the stroller was a good challenge and also gave me a chance to “take it easy” on the sore leg.

We finished with a time around 40mins, although it was not officially recorded as I started with the walkers.

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