Diva Dash Boston {Marshfield, MA} – #10 of #12in2012

{ on right. with the rainbow socks. }

Diva Dash Boston was my first obstacle course 5k – overall it was so awesome! It was also my first time wearing rainbow knee socks, I did it for the team !

A week ago, with it behind us, I can say – Loved it. It was something my sister had been looking forward to since the spring and our day together did not disappoint.

{i think} We were ready for the obstacles, but the 1-2miles in the heavy, vertical woods was a surprise!

There were some super easy, like running up and down small hills, and across tiny balance beams. A few more challenging, like the construction barrier hurdles and this rope climb to the left, it was about 12′ high !

The rope climb was a few obstacles after “The Wall of Hay”. I decided to jump half way down from the 8′ tall wall of hay, not a good decision… I ended up tweaking somemuscle in my shin area. It hurt bad, bad.

{ crossed that finish line }

I have since walked/run 4 miles still working the pain out for the next 5k, which is next Sunday !

But – I finished:

“No tears. No puking. Crossed the finish line on two feet. Probably should have climbed gently down the hay tower like the rest of the girls, not jump. Free beer and Ice pack were cold… #divadash” Sept 8, 2012





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