Butterfly 5k, North Attleboro, MA, #9 of #12in2012 to benefit “Julia’s Garden and Playground”

The was my second Butterfly 5k. It is a great event to benefit an amazing charity and local town park/zoo.

There is something about running through the neighborhood I was born and raised in that makes it that much more special to me.

The run starts at the entrance of the park and it’s a “downhill” first mile. A straight, hot, long 2nd mile, the third mile is slightly uphill through a neighborhood. The weather was a bit cooler than last year. I slowed to a walk a couple times but ended up bettering my time by about 3 minutes !

2012: 31:07 chip time / 10:02 pace vs 2011: 34:17

I had an exception for myself to do better and was a bit harsh on myself. In my mind I have been putting myself up against a treadmill best 5k time, which is really an unfair comparison.

So when I looked back more carefully at all my times I discovered …this was my second best 5k time ! My best happened in Sept 2011, CVS Caremark 5K – a time of 30:57.

And we can add in this little award too… who cares it was a “downhill” first mile…



There is always room for improvement and as I look ahead to this September I have 3 confirmed runs and possibly a 4th. I have a feeling I am going to pass my goal of #12in2012.




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