First triathlon – First place ! #8 of #12in2012


Yesterday, my girlfriend and I took home first place in the Hockomock YMCA Triathlon at Lake Pearl, Wrentham, MA. We placed first in our division of a 2-person relay team and also first place female relay team. It was our first triathlon experience. I did the swimming and running and she did the biking. It was very different from anything I have done in the past, I am not a swimmer.

I vaguely remember saying a similar statement over a year ago “I am not a runner.” Here I am 12+ months later, after saying “i am not” “i don’t think i can” “no” … taking home a first place medal.

 I can still say, I am not a swimmer as this was my first time swimming in a lake in a very, very long time…

The reality of what I was doing hit me as I stood on the beach staring at the starting line. It was a somewhat of a last minute decision to take on the swim.  The overwhelming feeling of emotions, can I do this?  what am I doing? am i ready? i haven’t trained for this?  this is really happening?   It was enough to bring me crumbling to tears right there on the beach, but I stood firm and waited to be called up to the start.  I listened to the advise of a YMCA triathlon volunteer.  She was my lifesaver and/or swim floaties I wish I had with me !

As I swam I just focused on breathing and pushing myself along in the water with whatever “technique” (or lack of technique) to get me to the finish.  It was much different than anything I had imaged.  I heard a few people call out for help as we started, which pushed me along further knowing I was doing ok.  After rounding the second buoy on my way back to the beach a few (much better) swimmers passed me from the wave that started after me.  It was interesting to watch and think “oh, that’s how you do it”.  I could tell I was getting closer and closer to the beach… and then I heard my husband and two boys screaming “Go – Go MOM! You can do it!  MOMSTAND UP!!”  …OH … i could touch the bottom… thank god.  I ran up the beach and met up with my team partner, readying herself on the bike… hand off the time chip and she was off…

It was an amazing accomplishment.  It was done. 

As for the run, it was one of my better non-stop runs.  It was a hilly start but mostly road/sidewalk terrain.  My time was longer than a handful of my runs but I am happy with my overall performance.

I have to say it was an amazing experience and I have lots of practicing to do before I would attempt another one . Great goal for next year: One Triathlon

With enough determination, You can do anything you set your mind to.

A huge thank you to my friend for being there to bike, without her it would not have been possible. Another big thank you all the YMCA volunteers and spectators that were incredibly supportive.

291 1:23:23 FTEAM – SWIM 13:04 – BIKE 36:12 – RUN 34:08

View official results here.

At this point I think may surpass my goal of 12in2012 Running events !   I have 6 or so events on my list for the rest of the year…


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