Sprucing Up Your Home Office Space

When you work from home on a daily basis, getting motivated for the workday can be a struggle — especially if you don’t like your surroundings. Next time you have a spare few hours, set aside the time to spruce up your office. There are easy things you can do to bring the room back to life and create an atmosphere for productivity.

Install built-in shelving

If your books and supplies are taking over every flat surface, have some shelving installed to help organize clutter. If you’re a DIYer, all you need is some lumber, a table saw, and power tools you likely have hanging around to make a beautiful built-in bookcase. Place your shelves wherever you need extra storage. Build shelves inside of your existing closet space, so you can stow away any unsightly items. Also consider putting shelving around the perimeter of the room. Shelves that are mounted above eye level but low enough so items can be easily reached will leave room for a desk and other furniture, making the best use of the space you have, especially if it’s limited.

Create an accent wall

The color and design of your walls can make a significant impact on your mood. One of the best ways to transform the look of your office is to create an accent wall. This should be one large wall with a different color or design than the rest. Choose from a wide variety of ways to decorate it:

  • Paint the wall with a bold color, such as yellow, orange, turquoise, or green to attract good energy and keep you energized
  • Hang an oversized print of a favorite art piece to provide a focal point and/or conversation piece for visitors
  • Cover a large piece of corkboard with fabric in a color or print you like and hang it as a bulletin board
  • Paint the wall with chalkboard paint and use the surface for brainstorming or keeping track of project progress

Revamp the furniture

Getting a new desk is an easy solution for changing your surroundings. The purchase may be an especially good idea if your current work surface isn’t large enough for you to spread out whatever you’re working on. You can also try a different design approach, such as buying an old door and using it as a work surface. Choose whatever material works best for your needs. A thick piece of glass atop plywood core is great for ‘sandwiching’ pictures, notes and letters or artwork that would otherwise be dirtied or damaged if not protected. A cozy chair, end table and lamp in a corner can provide a great place to sit when you need to do reading for work, or when you want to escape household chaos and read a fun book. Check out thrift stores for inexpensive pieces that can be reupholstered or gain new life under a slipcover.

Starting with one of these changes might be enough to alter your space enough to make you happy. If not, tackle each project or any others that come to mind one at a time until you have a home office that will bring Architectural Digest to your door.


Holly Watson is a full-time student pursuing her doctorate in literature. She enjoys blogging for Sears and other brands she loves, is an avid runner, and fashionista. She loves to bake, garden and is looking forward to revamping her home office space after she gets her tax refund.


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