Cooking: raviolis – baked, wonton wrappers

This weekend I am finishing up the leftover ingredients from last weekends recipe experiments, see previous posts.
The wonton wrappers and green onions were left. We used the green onions a few times for dinner but not the wrappers. I had bought ricotta last weekend with raviolis in mind… I know I freak myself out a little sometimes.
While watching Hungry Girls new episode on food network in which she featured crab rangoonies, I learned a new folding technique !
It was much easier than what I did with our crab rangoons.
I mixed the ricotta with egg, onions and salt/pepper. I browned ground turkey with onions, garlic and worcestershire sauce. Using the wrappers I filled with cheese, meat and combo of both. When almost done I realized how raviolis are typically folded… You will notice the one square one with crimped edges.
They were ok, first batch was crunchy, slightly dry. Not the normal ravioli but with sauce more of a dip – just yummy.

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    Believe it or not I just bought those SAME EXACT wonton wrappers yesterday because I fancied myself a bit of a ravioli chef and thought I’d try to make them :)
    It’s was good to see what you stuffed your with as I was having trouble coming up with ideas, but I think I’m going to go all veggie with my ricotta cheese. I wanted to do some ground chicken, but hubby was all “Let’s just do veggies” – the fathead.
    I’ll have to let you know how mine come out. I’m making them tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Thanks again for all your amazing ideas Mel!

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