Five Great Photography Prop and Backdrop Ideas

The following prop and backdrop ideas are recent trends in event, family and engagement photography. All of these, when used correctly, can bring a unique and memorable dimension into your portrait photography.
1. Small chalkboard: Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but when you use a small chalkboard to convey a message, your photos can be worth a little more than a thousand. Using a chalkboard as a prop allows your subject/s to speak through their photo. Just a short message can be very powerful.

2. Antique bike: An action shot showing a guy or girl riding a colorful, antique bike makes such a happy shot. If you edit the photo to make the colors seem brighter, you end up with an even sunnier shot.

3. Old front doors: If you can find an antique front door, you will get a great shot…guaranteed. If the door is painted a bright color, even better. Again, use your photo editing program to make the color of the door richer and the photo brighter.

4. Rain: Yes, rain can be a photo prop. First, make sure your camera can withstand the rain and that your subjects are willing. Then set up a tripod. You will want to shoot these photos using a slow shutter speed so that the rain drops will show in your photo. You may have to take a few test shots to get it right, but once you have it down, the photos will be unforgettable.

5. An antique car: Like antique bikes and doors, antique cars add a rich touch to a photo. If you are shooting a wedding, and the couple has rented an antique car to send them off; make sure you get a few posed shots before they leave the building!

When it comes to props and backdrops don’t be afraid to try new things. Who knows? Something you think may not turn out well in a photo may end up being the next big trend!
Denise Keene has been a Special Ed teacher for 15 years now and likes to write articles about various topics of interest. She also owns the site Masters In Special Education and enjoys taking family photos in her spare time.

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