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Christmas Craft 2014: Tic Tac Toe with Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop

Here it is – the winner for our family Christmas craft ! After realizing the peppermint ornaments were not going to work out I searched the Internet again for ideas. I picked a few more and let the boys decide – in complete boy fashion they went for ‘the poop craft’ ! The 6yr old […]

ParragonBooks DEC.49

Parragon Book Buddy: Christmas 2000 Stickers, Draw your World

OMG Stickers…. The boys were thrilled with this book, Christmas 2000 Stickers, it was hard for me to get a look at it. Our December Parragon Book Buddy shipment was a great one.  They are still working their was through the activities and sticker pages. “Pull on your hat, coat, and mittens and get ready […]

Finished W - At Home

How to Make a DIY Vintage Inspired Marquee Sign Letters

This was a spur of the moment DIY project for me. I spotted the recycle pile of letters at my work (these are actual outdoor signs / channel letters that we removed for a client) and it hit me, “I can make those light up.” Throughout the day I thought more and Googled a few […]

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I get distracted, do you?

I get distracted, do you?

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